What Is Earthen Spirituality? – An Introduction

Earthen spirituality is a way of understanding and relating to the natural world. It’s a set of values and practices that can be beneficial for anyone who wants to connect more deeply with the earth-whether you live in suburban sprawl or a rural setting. Earthen spirituality offers an antidote to the compartmentalization and alienation that modern society often encourages as we strive for material prosperity. It’s about reconnecting with nature on any level you can imagine, whether it’s gardening, hiking, camping, or simply appreciating the beauty all around us.
Earthen spirituality encompasses a wide range of ideas that are rooted in the ancient practice of shamanism. Many cultures throughout history have embraced earthen spirituality as an essential component of their religious traditions. We can find earthen spirituality in modern New Age movements such as Wicca or earth-based paganism like Druidry and Celtic paganism. The rich heritage of practices rooted in this worldview are worthwhile seeing from another perspective even if you aren’t interested in becoming part of a religious community or movement specifically focused on earthen spirituality.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a type of spirituality based on the practice of magic and healing that features ancestor-worship, spirit-communion, and a belief in other worlds. Shamans are believed to be able to heal illnesses and restore life to people who are near death. Shamanism has been practiced in many cultures around the world and continues to have an important role in many indigenous societies today.
The word “shaman” comes from the Tungusic language of Siberia, which means “one who knows.” Originally, shamanism was used to describe someone with special powers who could heal others. Today, shamans are often more associated with spiritual work than healing. Most modern shamans use their powers for personal benefit rather than healing others.

The values and practices of earthen spirituality

Earthen spirituality is about connection and balance, both with the earth and within yourself. Earthen spirituality values many things that are common to many religions-including gratitude and generosity-but these values aren’t limited to one particular belief system.
One important value of earthen spirituality is harmony with nature. In this worldview, we can find a reverence for life in all forms of the natural world. Nature should be studied, respected, and revered as something sacred. This means that there is no ownership over nature; it belongs to everyone and everything in the natural world operates according to its own set of rules. The earth itself is alive in this perspective, and humans are part of it whether they like it or not. Humans must learn how to live in harmony with nature with respect for other living beings in order for the environment to be healthy and resilient.

Earthen spirituality and modern environmentalism

The environmental movement has risen in response to growing concerns about our impact on the earth. Earthen spirituality is a way of understanding that our impact isn’t only about how we use resources. It’s about how we understand the world and how we live in it. The earthen perspective of nature as a living system is important for everyone, secular or religious and regardless of whether you want to connect with nature at a spiritual level or not. Earthen spirituality can offer opportunities for personal transformation, as well as community transformation that can be transformative for both the individual and the collective.
The centuries-old practices of earthen spirituality offer an alternative worldview to those who are dissatisfied with mainstream materialism, consumerism, and romanticizing nature while ignoring its fragility. If you want to get closer to the earth-and yourself-earthen spirituality offers a unique perspective worth exploring.

Why is Earthen Spirituality Important?

Earthen spirituality offers a unique perspective on the natural world. It can help us find meaning and purpose in our daily lives. As part of a culture that has largely disconnected from nature, earthen spirituality can bring us closer to the earth and inspire us to act with greater compassion for all life.
If you’re interested in exploring more deeply what it means to be connected to your spiritual side, it’s worth considering how earthen spirituality might play a role in your life. If you’re interested in enlarging your spiritual life, consider trying some of these simple practices:
-Nurture close relationships with animals and plants
-Make a garden or outdoor space to cultivate personal healing and growth
-Engage in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, gardening, or meditation

Examples of Earthen Spirituality in Practice

As an example of earthen spirituality in practice, let’s look at the Native American tradition of fasting. Many indigenous people will fast for a week or more each year for the purpose of connecting with their community and nature. Fasting is one way to make use of the body’s natural rhythms so you can sense how your body responds to different foods and practices. You might fast simply by not eating food, but some people also fast by only drinking water or other natural liquids like herbal teas. In this way, we can achieve a deeper connection with our own bodies as well as with nature.
Some people find it helpful to maintain a daily practice of fasting in order to keep in sync with nature’s cycles. Especially during times when we are more disconnected from these cycles, fasting offers an opportunity to feel more connected with the earth and with your own body. Earthen spirituality often involves the practice of sacred dancing or drumming-both ways that you can connect deeply with yourself and others through movement on this physical plane. Another way that many people incorporate earthen spirituality into their lives is through gardening. Gardening connects us physically to the plants around us while also allowing us to be closer to nature and dive into something new every day as we grow our plant life.


Earthen spirituality is the practice of reconnecting with nature and the earth. It offers an antidote to the alienation that modern society often encourages as we strive for material prosperity. It offers many varying ideas, such as shamanism and modern New Age movements, that are rooted in ancient practices. Earthen spirituality can be found in many religious communities, as well as in a wide variety of modern practices that don’t focus on religion.

Earthen spirituality can be an important component of any person’s life whether they are looking for spiritual values or knowledge about the natural world.